5 Bed Student Accommodation Plymouth – Living with your closest friends can be one of the most enjoyable parts of attending university, but searching for 5 bed student accommodation in Plymouth can sometimes be a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the assistance of Student Rooms 4 U, finding the perfect 5 bed student accommodation Plymouth can actually be one of the simplest aspects of getting ready for university.

Living in a 5-bedroom student accommodation in Plymouth can pose various challenges due to the sheer number of individuals sharing one location. However, these challenges should not discourage you from living the university life with your closest friends. Student Rooms 4 U has designed our 5 bed student accommodation so that you will be able to live as harmoniously as possible, chiefly because we have removed the hassles surrounding the accommodation process. Some of the challenges that arise with 5 bed student accommodation in Plymouth might include:

  • Finding a place to live: Student Rooms 4 U can alleviate the stress of finding the perfect place for you and your friends to call home. We offer a selection of excellent 5-bedroom student accommodations in Plymouth that are sure to meet your needs. You won’t have to worry about shabby rooms, deteriorating walls, or unsafe appliances because our residences are spotlessly clean and equipped with everything you could want in a student home. Our accommodations are equipped with top-notch amenities that will satisfy everyone’s needs. When you rent with Student Rooms 4 U, you can confidently welcome your new university friends into your home without any hesitation!
  • Roommate delegation: Having one person be responsible for the lease and making the rental payments is a big responsibility for someone with an already full student schedule to take on, especially in a 5 bed student accommodation! This is why Student Rooms 4 U lodgings are all offered with individual tenancies, so that each person can be responsible for their own payments. Operating in this manner is just one example of the many ways that Student Rooms 4 U has optimized the student housing process to make every aspect as convenient as possible.
  • Communication issues: When so many people are living under the same roof, undoubtedly there are going to be issues from time to time. More people are using the appliances so there will be more maintenance requests, coordinating payments and leasing terms might become difficult, and unforeseen circumstances are more likely to arise. However, Student Rooms 4 U has already considered the potential for these issues to arise, and we have taken steps to subvert impending problems arising from communication issues. With a prompt and efficient maintenance system that includes an out of hours number, as well as friendly and helpful staff ready to assist, there truly is no better place for student accommodations than Student Rooms 4 U.

Amy: “Great letting agency, fully recommend to any students looking for a reliable and friendly company, policies all very clear on website and don’t leave anything in the dark!”

Introducing our premier 5-bedroom student property in Plymouth, 5 Amity Place. This distinctive house features 5 impressively spacious bedrooms and a cozy lounge with a 43-inch SMART TV (as shown below) – what else could you ask for to elevate your university experience?

5 Bed Student Properties Plymouth
5 Bed Student Properties Plymouth

At the end of the day, we prefer to deal directly with our clients and students because we know that personal, face-to-face business is the only way to do business, and the proof is in our results. We have successfully been providing students in the Plymouth area with lodgings and accommodations for well over twenty years and like to think that we have gotten the process down to a science. We can provide for students because we have taken the time to know what the students in the area want and need out of their accommodations. So, if you and your best mates are searching for 5 bed student accommodation in Plymouth, look no further than Student Rooms 4 U! Reach out today to schedule a virtual or in-person showing!

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