8 Bed Student Accommodation Plymouth – Living in 8 bed student accommodation Plymouth while attending University isn’t always easy. Although there are certainly perks to living in an apartment with so many of your peers, the more people there are, the more potential there is for conflict. Student Rooms 4 U is the premier provider of 8 bed student accommodation Plymouth, so we have seen what works and what doesn’t when living in a setting with multiple friends and strangers. So, if you are interested in 8 bed student accommodation Plymouth, consider some of the common issues that arise when living with so many flat mates so that you can take steps to pre-emptively avoid disagreements.

  • Respect the common areas: The issue of cleanliness and noise is a common concern among flatmates, particularly in larger flats such as 8 bed student accommodation in Plymouth. To prevent potential conflicts, it’s essential to clean up any mess you make promptly, keep noise levels down during quiet hours, and seek permission before using or eating anything that doesn’t belong to you. It’s crucial for all flatmates to respect the shared spaces to avoid any resentment that can build up over time and impact the relationships between flatmates.
  • Communicate: There’s a reason that people say that communication is key! Being open and honest with your flat mates about conflicts and complications is the best way to resolve issues. Being passive aggressive (or even outright aggressive) will only increase the tension in the home. Additionally, communicating schedules will help keep everyone in the know about the comings and goings within the home, which also promotes the interests of courtesy and respect. Establishing open and clear lines of communication can help to keep all individuals on the same page and foster healthy relationships within the flat.
  • Carve out quality time: Living with strangers only increases issues due to a lack of understanding and friendship. Be sure to carve out time to spend with your flat mates to get to know them and promote the healthy relationships that develop into better friendships. This will lay the foundation for better communication and respectful interactions. However, it is also important to remember that you don’t have to spend every moment together, and that taking time for yourself is also just as important. Remember that you are flat mates first, but don’t let that relationship come between potential friendships.
  • Set out clear ground rules: As part of open communication, lay out clear house rules as soon as everyone moves in. This will ensure that expectations for house mates are laid out early on. If someone is doing something that bothers you, but you have not made it clear that it is off-limits, then resentment will abound. Some rules to think about are quiet hours, completion of chores, designation of responsibilities, and expectations for any shared expenses that may arise. In an 8 bed student accommodation Plymouth, there are likely many responsibilities and personalities interacting, which is why it’s so essential to clarify the rules and expectations initially.
  • Put boundaries in place: While respecting one another, communicating effectively, and setting rules can help maintain a harmonious living environment, there may be situations where you need to establish boundaries with your flatmates that you are unwilling to compromise on. However, it’s important to ensure that these boundaries are reasonable and based on mutual respect for each other’s needs and requests.

And if you are searching for the perfect 8 bed student accommodation Plymouth, Student Rooms 4 U has several options that can meet your every need. Not only do we provide top-of-the-line accommodations that are tailored to the student experience, but our expert staff is there to provide help and guidance through every step of your leasing experience. When it comes to 8 bed student accommodation Plymouth, we are confident that there is simply no better option than Student Rooms 4 U. We really have thought of every detail, so reach out today to schedule your in-person or virtual viewing and begin the leasing process. We can’t wait to see you!

Our 8 bed student property in Plymouth is 8 Addison Road. With 500 mgbs Virgin Media Broadband, it’s no wonder why this house is typically one of the first of our properties to be let, our students tend to stay for the duration, whilst being at University. The rear of the property has a courtyard, which is ideal for ‘al fresco’ style living during the warmer seasons.

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Jamie: “Great Student Accommodation company, whenever maintenance issues appeared, they were resolved the next day. Also, the virtual tour tool was very helpful in finding the right room!”