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When you’re new to a city, how do you choose which area to live in? Whatever the size of your hometown, you’ll be familiar with the different areas that can be found across the map – the fashionable places young people like to go, the posh end of town, the arty areas, places to avoid… When you’re moving to Plymouth as a student, you want to make sure you’re in the heart of the action. As well as finding an affordable rental, you want something close to the bars, shops and restaurants as well as close to campus, and a place you know will be near to your friends and classmates. To find out more about different areas of Plymouth and where you want to be situated, read our guide to the areas of Plymouth.

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City Centre – Areas of Plymouth for Student Accommodation

Every city has a centre, and it’s always the more exciting, bustling place to be. In Plymouth, the centre boasts top restaurants such as AtKitchen (a top Asian restaurant specialising in Vietnamese dishes), Cornwall Street Fish Bar (the best place in Plymouth to grab your fish and chips) and, just out of the centre, No Whey! (100% plant based Mexican eating), making this area a top location to grab a bite to eat. For nightclubs, within walking distance of each other are Popworld and Factory, two of the best places to see in the small hours. The centre is also where you’ll find most of the shops, museums and entertainment.

However, like with most cities and towns, while the centre is a great place to hang out with much to see and do, it isn’t necessarily where you want to be based. City centres are expensive for student renters, and properties are usually cramped despite their high price tag. While bang in the centre is a great place to chill, there are better areas to look for your rental.

University Campus – Areas of Plymouth for Student Accommodation

Most students want to live close to where they study, and so renting in the area around the university campus is a top choice. North Hill is a road known as the ‘golden mile’, linking the Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth University to an area that’s popular for student rentals. It’s close enough to walk into the heart of Plymouth (only a 15/20-minute walk to the centre) but offering good value for money.

Despite not being right in the centre, there’s still plenty of entertainment and culinary reasons to live in the campus area. Grab a takeaway from popular Chinese restaurants like The Red Lantern or Master Chef, or enjoy some casual dining from the Three J’s Sandwich Shop. You don’t have to walk into the town to visit nightclubs either, with Switch located on North Hill and right next door to bar Cuba!

Barbican and Sutton Harbour

The oldest buildings and richest history can be found in the Barbican area, making it an expensive place to rent but a great area to hang out in. Vegan bistro Cosmic Kitchen has middle eastern flavours to tempt you through the door and is one of the best restaurants in the city. This area is rich in club life, too, with Pryzm, OMG and Annabel’s offering a diverse range of themes and events for your evening entertainment.

The Hoe and Seafront, Parks and Recreational Area

A green place to enjoy the sunshine, the area around West Hoe isn’t known for its rental properties, rather its recreational facilities. Enjoy views of the water from Hoe Park year-round, where you can also indulge in some al fresco studying (or sunbathing) when the weather is fine.

Mill Bay

Millbay Dock isn’t exactly high on the list of areas of Plymouth for student accommodation (unless you happen to live on a boat) but is a pleasant area for taking a stroll around the mariner. If you don’t mind the cold, visit Plymouth Pavilions Ice Rink for some exhilarating entertainment and exercise.

Royal William Yard/Mayflower Marina

Another place that’s fun to visit but not high on the list of areas of Plymouth for student accommodation is the Royal William Yard area. The largest collection of Grade 1 listed military buildings in Europe, the yard is now home to many businesses that have transformed the area into a ‘lifestyle destination’. Take a look at what the Royal William Yard has to offer.

Further Afield

Looking on generic property rental websites, you might come across properties at too-good-to-be-true prices in areas away from Plymouth city centre. While the cheap price tags can be tempting, remember that there are pros and cons to every property, not just the price you pay for it. There’s little use in finding a cheap place to live if you have to pay to take the bus to class every day, or have to wait ages for transport to meet your friends in town.

Living somewhere like North Hill, as opposed to a cheap rental further afield, really does tick all the boxes. Not only are the properties good value, but they’re also close to the university as all as all the amenities you could possibly want. What’s more, you’ll be living with and living close to your friends, who will become a vital part of your university experience.

Summary of Areas of Plymouth for Student Accommodation

Choosing where to live is about so much more than just the cost of renting. You want to be based in a convenient, vibrant location where you can easily connect with friends and classmates. Being part of a community is a huge part of your university studies, and the community starts in your shared accommodation and the people you meet there.