Leaving home and going to university is a time of huge transition for students. Not only are you bidding farewell to friends and family, you’re also probably leaving everything that’s familiar to you – your hometown, school, the streets you grew up on, your daily routine… everything is thrown into flux. One thing that causes many students anxiety is anticipating who they’ll be sharing accommodation with. Shared rooms aren’t the norm these days, but even just sharing communal spaces can be cause for concern if you’ve never lived with anyone else. What if you don’t get on with your flatmates? What if you share with someone who likes loud (terrible) music, or who comes thumping back into the flat at 3am every weekend, or someone who never tidies up after themselves? Read on to find out how at Student Rooms 4 U we can minimize the chances of such altercations.

Quality and Quantity

We’re all different, and while living in a fifteen-bed ‘party house’ and mingling with loads of people might be one person’s dream house share, for another person that situation sounds like hell on earth. Whatever you’re looking for – a one-bed flat, a small group, a larger group or a ‘party house’ – we have accommodation available to suit your various social inclinations. So, don’t worry – you aren’t going to be stuck with a group size that makes you uncomfortable. Just let us know what your preferences are and we’ll do the best to find your perfect house.

As well as looking at the size of house you’d like, we also bear in mind your preferences. Are you someone who likes to mingle with lots of different people? Or are you someone who is going to be prioritising quiet study time? Would you like to live with other first-years like yourself, or are you looking for a more varied group of people, including ‘old hands’ from 2nd and 3rd year who can show you the ropes? We’ll do our best to match you with like-minded people, so give us as many details as you can when making enquiries.

More than the Minimum

With permission, we share details of existing students with those considering joining a group, so that everyone has a good idea of who they’ll be living with. This includes things like your year of study and what course you’ll be on, your gender and which university you’ll be studying in. Knowing these details will help students to gage if they’re going to find things in common with their flatmates. Some people will jump at the chance to live with people who are also on their course – a great way to brainstorm ideas, chat over class projects, remind each other about homework dates and to cram together at the end of the year. However, other students prefer the variety of a mixed course house, and relish the opportunity to ‘get away’ from study and chill out with people who are working on things that are totally different.

With this facility to share information, we also offer (again, with permission) the option to pass on email addresses between existing and joining students, so that you can contact each other before the move-in date and get to know each other a bit. For particularly nervous students (or those with nervous parents who are being cajoled into action!) this is a great chance to put your mind at rest and be able to ‘put a face to the name’ when you walk into your new home. Many students decide to set up a group chat (on WhatsApp, or similar) before moving in. Again, this is handy because you can get preliminary things out of the way, and ask things like – is anyone bringing their PlayStation?

Advertise for Roomies

Whether you’re an existing student with a gap to fill in your shared house, or an incoming student looking for people to share with, at Student Rooms 4 U we have a great facility that allows you to directly advertise for whatever you’re looking for. On The Assembly Room students can place ads and give a bit of information about what they’re looking for. For example, a short message might read something like We are a group of nice girls looking for another female to share our house with, we are within a couple of minutes’ walk to the University and the Art College. We even have a roof terrace with a nice view of the sea. Using this feature, you can pitch directly to people looking for students to share with.


All these great features and assurances might seem too good to be true, but honestly – it works in our favour! At Student Rooms 4 U, we know that it’s in our interest to ensure that our students have a good experience at university and particularly in our properties, as happy students are easier to manage! So, from a management point of view, we’re more than happy to go the extra mile to ensure you end up living with people you like.