Hopefully by the time you have accepted your place at University, you will have got straight to organising your student accommodation, but if for whatever reason you have found yourself in a situation where you still have nowhere to live, try not to panic. There are a number of things you can do to help with your search for last minute student accommodation in Plymouth.

View Student Accommodation on Our Website

If you haven’t done so already then be sure to check the availability of student rooms on our website. We have a wide range of student houses within very close proximity to the University of Plymouth. In fact all of our student properties are less than 7 minutes walk from the main University campus.

There is no deposit to pay, we don’t ask for admin fees or guarantors, and as your landlord (rather than an agency), if there are any issues with your accommodation you can talk to us direct.

The Assembly Room

We have a great tool called ‘The Assembly Room’ which our tenants, and students looking for somewhere to live, can use for free as a virtual house matching service. Our current tenants are able to pin virtual post-it notes up, specifying what type of housemate they are looking for, where they are located, and also whether there are males or females currently living at the property.

As well as reading the advertised posts, you are able to post your own note specifying everything you’re looking for with regards to price, location and people you live with, and as soon as any matches become available you will be contacted. Easy!

Plymouth University Property Database

Plymouth University has its own database of student properties (Plymouth Student Pad) which are inspected annually by the University and graded from A – D. All of our student accommodation is rated grade A.

Residence Life

Plymouth University Residence Life are there to help all new students, so feel free to contact them as soon as possible, and let them know your situation. Their web page offers information on residence life, a parent information section, a price list, an accommodation portal, and a section with FAQs and useful information.

Accommodation For Students

The Accommodation For Students website gives you free and simple access to all the latest student properties in and around Plymouth. Not only does it show you a picture of the property and rooms, it also gives you an indication of weekly price and also if bills are included in that price, making it straight forward for you to choose accommodation suited to your personal budget.

Social Media

Social media is also a good platform for advertising your requirements for student accommodation as someone you know, or someone they know, are bound to be aware of a spare room somewhere. If you are invited to take a look at a property by someone you don’t know, always take a friend with you for safety and security.

Search for student accommodation providers in Plymouth as well on Facebook. In fact, don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook page to stay informed about our current availability!

Finally, check out the UPSU notice boards, students are always looking for housemates within the city, the main thing to remember is not to get too stressed, and just to be proactive by following this list of advice. You’ll be unpacking and starting your new chapter in life before you know it.

Good luck finding your perfect student home!