So, the time has finally come after all these years of studying (and partying) – you are about to graduate from university with your degree!

Congratulations are definitely in order, and you deserve to feel a real sense of accomplishment, however you may start to have mixed feelings once you’ve graduated and the reality sets in that you’re no longer a student. What do you do next?  Here are some options open to you for life after university.

Pursue A Graduate Job

Pursuing a graduate job is probably the main reason for your studying. What better way to spend your life after university than doing what you’ve been specialising for during the past four years?

When it comes to graduate jobs, you are presented with a couple of options. You can either opt for finding a job in your own country or working abroad. If you are a postgraduate, you can use the university recruitment support. It can help you narrow down your search for a job.

In addition, you can search online for good job opportunities and apply. Sometimes, working in another country can be an exciting and optimal solution to your employment problems. In both cases, you’ll need to have a fully developed CV.

As well as listing your qualifications, it can be very beneficial to have some relevant work experience. If you lack the aforementioned experience, you can be an intern, volunteer, or even a part-time worker in a private company.

Study At Postgraduate Level

Postgraduate studying is often a popular choice among those who have graduated. If you feel like there is more that you can get out of university, perhaps you should consider pursuing postgraduate study.

Not only can this increase your chances of employment later on but it will also broaden the understanding of your undergraduate course.

Take A Gap Year

If you’re feeling worn out from all your studies, and didn’t take a gap year before uni, then why not consider a gap year after university? You can use that time to try out different part-time jobs, travel around the globe, and carefully plan out your future career.

All the experience that you acquire during that time will greatly contribute to where and who you’ll be in the future. Also the experience you gain throughout the year will look great on your CV.

Start Your Own Company

If you feel that there’s no job that matches your expectations and requirements, you can set up your own company and be your own boss. That way, you get to control who works in your company, you build up a name for yourself, you work whenever you please, and you make your own decisions.

Whatever business idea you’ve been developing during your studies might be worth exploring. There are a number of career services and programs that can help you put your skills to good use.

Note, however, that being your own boss comes with a fair number of responsibilities, so consider if this path is right for you.

Find Somewhere To Live

Finally, you will have to find somewhere else to live!  You’ve spent the past several years living in student accommodation with your housemates, but you won’t be going back there after the summer, so decide what you’re going to do.

Many graduates move back to their family home for a while after university until they’ve decided on what they want to do next.  Others find a job and move into their own place as soon as possible.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration of what to do once you’ve graduated. Whatever you choose to do we wish you the best of success!