After all of that studying and essay writing, and also exams being over for the year, it is very tempting as a student to think that your summer is merely for recreational or relaxation purposes, or maybe you just want to spend the whole summer hanging out with your mates?

It is of course important to relax and unwind after being under such stress to succeed, but try to remember that you will have around 13 weeks off at least, some up to 17 weeks, so it would make sense if some of your time could be spent more productively. You could be doing something which will count towards your future career goal, or bettering the current grades you are achieving as a university student.

Summer Internship

There are a few things which are worth looking into, our first recommendation would be to try to find a summer internship. This is where an employer offers an employee (normally a student or undergraduate) an opening to work with them at their place of business, but these employees only work for a limited period of time to gain experience, so they are known as interns.

There are a lot of pros to doing this, firstly and most importantly, it allows you to gain the work experience needed in whichever industry you decide to follow, which will look great on your CV, and will also give you the edge over any other applicants if a job should arise once you have completed your university course.

It also gives you a taster of that particular industry, without the full commitment, which will either confirm or deny that it is the right career path you want to follow. A summer internship is also a great way to make contacts with the correct people you will need further down your career path.

It is important to remember that you should apply for a summer internship at the beginning of the autumn term of the previous year (when you begin your university year and the career fairs take place) as it is easier to secure a summer placement early on in the term. The longer you leave it, the more applicants you’ll be up against, and you’ll be much less likely to secure internship.  You can learn more about how to apply for an internship here.

Full or Part Time Work

If you don’t fancy doing an internship, but you need to earn some extra money to top up your student loan over summer, then full or part time work in a non-specific area will be a good option for you. A lot of shops bars and cafes take students on over the summer, and even though you are not gaining experience in your chosen field of study, you will still be gaining various skills such as customer service skills, time management, working as part of a team, and all of these skills transfer well to a CV.

Remember to save as much of the money earnt as possible, this will then make your next university year a lot less stressful and free you from potential financial burden.


Another option is to try to build up some life experience through volunteering,.  There are always various projects on offer throughout the UK and also many volunteering opportunities abroad – another fantastic credential to add to a CV, and it is always an appealing one to future employers.

Volunteering can also lead to employment, as you have a chance to demonstrate your skill set to future employers, and they don’t doubt your dedication as you have given your time without payment.  Search volunteering opportunities via the UPSU here.

Extra Studying

If you feel that a work environment won’t be of benefit, or you haven’t been able to secure anything in time, you will benefit greatly from extra studying. Your next semester will be made so much easier if you have already looked at the forthcoming modules, or even read some of the recommended text books.

Another tip for using your spare time over summer productively, is to keep writing essays, even if you don’t have to. It will keep the old grey matter ticking over, and keep ideas flowing. It will also help in developing your essay writing style, and hopefully that extra work will pay off when you start to attain higher grades.

Whatever you choose to do, have a great summer!

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