Hints & Tips when Looking for your Perfect Student Home!

The time is right to give you, our students some TOP TIPS when looking for your ‘perfect’ student home in Plymouth.

Start looking early!

It’s a huge possibility that by starting your search for accommodation in Plymouth earlier rather than later, you potentially will be able to choose the best property suitable to your needs, so it’s best to start now!  At Student Rooms 4 U our accommodation for 2021 /2022 is letting quickly and we certainly wouldn’t wish for you to miss out!

What are you looking for?

The majority of our properties are within a 2-minute walk to the https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/ also, close to Plymouth City Centre.

Our student accommodation in Plymouth can only be described as home from home properties, having many extra’s to include fireplaces, 43-inch television’s (We pay the license), fully fitted kitchens, 350mgbs Virgin Media Broadband, and much more.

If you are wanting to make the right choice when on the search for your student home, why not seek some help or advice by having a chat with members of our friendly team, Kaye & Simon at Student Rooms 4 U, [email protected] or call 01752 849232, they always make time to help students in every way possible and go to great lengths on achieving the best service you’d expect from a university student accommodation provider.

Are you a Good Mix?

Many students would have already chosen their group of friends that they’d like to live with beforehand, but occasionally, they may be short of one or two people, depending on the house size they are looking for or for other reasons. Therefore, one of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing your University accommodation, is who you live with, this can dictate your university experience, and so make sure you think about it carefully. We all have different personalities, and you would need to ensure that the mix is good!

You might get on well as friends, but think about whether people will contribute to their share of the housework, give you space when needed, keep your accommodation clean and tidy and give support to one another. At Student Rooms 4 U,  we have a very high success rate in finding other people if called upon to do so, and ensuring that we have had written consent to share emails with one another before moving in together, this way they can become more familiar before the ‘big’ moving in day!

Don’t forget any of the Essentials!

Worst case scenario, you can pick up anything you’ve forgotten from the local shops, we would recommend Wilkinson’s in Plymouth, they have plenty of affordable items to choose from and the store is just down the road from our student houses. There could be some things that you probably don’t want to be caught without. Make sure you don’t forget bedding, phone/laptop chargers, and important documents like photographic ID and NHS details, etc.

Check out what your insurance covers

It’s always best to have our own contents insurance just in case, you can get some great deals from Martin Lewis’s website. However, ensure that you read the small print of your policy to see what is and isn’t covered.

Clean your House Regularly! 

When the time comes to move out, you’ll probably be tired from exams and ready to start your holidays. The last thing you’ll want is to have to clean a year’s worth of grime. You’ll find that cleaning is much easier if you just do a little bit every week and have a rota system. There are many ways to design a visual timetable on the net! Why not place this on your notice board in the kitchen. Etsy has some really good ideas you could use or modify.

In our ‘welcome packs’ for our students, we recommend cleaning rotas and tips on how to properly clean all parts of your house with many useful hints & tips!

Visit our website Student Rooms 4 U, and check out our splendid portfolio of properties!