The Plymouth Student Accommodation Fair 2019 is finally here.

Following the success of last years fair, Plymouth University is once again holding a comprehensive accommodation fair to help students find their perfect home. Find out what’s on offer at the fair and how to make the most of it.

Event Details

When: Friday, October 25th 2019
Time: 11am – 5pm
Where: University Campus, run by the Student Union

What is it?
The Accommodation Fair is a must-visit for any student who is looking for either a student rental or housemates to share with. There are countless student accommodation providers in Plymouth and the choice can be overwhelming, but the accommodation fair brings all of these competitors together under one roof so that you can get a great overview of what’s on offer.
With all accommodation providers together in one venue, you’ll be able to see countless potential properties listed in their details and speak to company staff to get a feel for their ethos and how their business runs. Not all student lets will be the same and nor will the policies of the estate agents. For example, not all rental providers will be able to take on students without a guarantor or credit checks. Also, look out for small details like whether or not the house comes with Wi-Fi, or special requests like looking for properties with parking spaces. Thinking about these details and deciding what are your must-have’s will help you to pick a great landlord.
Another important thing to consider when speaking to representatives is how their company is run. For example, is the estate agent the middle man between you and the landlord, and if so, how long does it take for communication when something in the house is broken and needs to be fixed? Student Rooms 4 U is one estate agents that doesn’t have a middle man – you come direct to us if you have any issues and our tenants find this a quick and convenient way to do things.

Speaking to Landlords and Estate Agents
The whole point of the accommodation fair is giving you the opportunity to speak to different landlords and pick up literature and information about housing options. You’ve probably already heard from fellow student’s which estate agents are top rated, but don’t rule out any companies until you’ve spoken to them yourself. Here are some things to consider.

  • Before you go, think about questions you’d like to ask the landlords, such as what sized properties they can offer, the locations of their properties, when their property list becomes available and when they recommend viewing properties.
  • Don’t be intimidated if a stallholder tries to strike up a conversation with you. Remember that you’re the customer and they’ll be trying to impress you so that you choose their company, so try to be open to conversation. If you’re not interested in chatting, just ask for a leaflet or say ‘I’m just looking around’ if you’d rather read the documents in your own time.
  • Remember to be polite and friendly to the stallholders, who will likely be chatting to people like you all day long. If you’re not interested in a certain company then just move on, and don’t take the mickey with freebies, either – grabbing handfuls of stuff when you’ve got no intention of actually talking to the stallholders isn’t the best way to present yourself!

Speak to Tenants
All the estate agents at the accommodation fair will be clamouring for your business and hoping you pick them above all others – that much goes without saying! But the accommodation fair can be a helpful way for you to choose because you’ll also have the opportunity to speak to current tenants. A tenant will be happy to answer your questions openly and tell you what it’s actually like to live in the property, offering you a unique insight into what’s on offer before you make up your mind.

Just in case you needed another reason to head over to the accommodation fair, don’t forget that there will be plenty of freebies for you to pick up, as well as cake.

Top Tips

  • To avoid the crowds, go earlier in the day. The people at the stalls will be fresh and enthusiastic. By the end of the day they might be less chatty!
  • If you’re anxious about going to the fair on your own, buddy up with a course mate and go together. It will be less intimidating to approach stallholders if you do it with someone else.
  • If you already know who you want to share with, it might be a good idea to go together. Keep an open mind and take a look at all the stalls your housemates are interested in, and perhaps go for a coffee together afterwards to discuss what you’ve seen.
  • Make sure you take a bag to cram full of goodies and freebies!
  • The fair can get pretty busy, so if it’s going to be a warm day then remember to bring a bottle of water.
  • It might be useful to take a notepad and pen so that you can jot down the names of any companies you particularly like, or if you suffer from anxiety and don’t like the idea of talking with lots of people, scribbling in your notepad can be a good way to divert conversations!
  • If stallholders have gone overboard with freebies and cake, there might be a surplus to get rid of at the end of the day. Head to the fair later in the afternoon to receive generous gifts!

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