Benefits of ‘Living Off’ Campus

While many students choose to live on campus in their first year, it doesn’t need to be your go-to option. Living away from campus can be just as beneficial as living in halls of residence, and there are plenty of reasons why it can actually be the better choice. In fact, you can view Student Rooms 4 U as the experts in ‘off campus’ accommodation ( Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of living off campus.

More Space

Our homes offer plenty of communal space for socialising, chilling and an ideal extension of working space, if you don’t want to stay in your bedroom. This is just one of the reasons why off campus accommodation can be a great benefit. Student rooms 4 U ( offer large bedrooms with a double bed, work desk, chair and in most houses a large double built in wardrobe. In some of the accommodation they provide en-suite bathrooms.

Personalised Space

At Student Rooms 4 U ( our accommodation is simple but stylish. We add little flourishes (like furniture in matching colours and wall art, which can make your home feel personal and unique). If you’re going to spend a year or more living somewhere, you may not want it to feel too clinical.

No Waiting List

There are more benefits as a first year to gravitate towards a reputable private landlord company. Such as, a private rental company who are able to acquire new properties and expand as demand increases, so there are often a number of choices available without a waiting list. At Student Rooms 4 U (, we are proud of the diverse range of properties we have to offer our students in Plymouth.

Save Money

Many students find that living off campus is a good way to save money. Living with a number of people you’re happy with is another benefit. If you decide to cook together it will save you money, and also, you can make lifestyle decisions to suit your budget that aren’t relying on anyone else. We pride ourselves in providing washing machines and driers, therefore, you wouldn’t have the extra expense of paying out more money to use such facilities, and there’s very often the issue of having to wait until the machines become available again before using them. Also, living on campus means you’re limited as to what resources you have.

Life Skills

Part of the University experience is gaining lots of independent experience, and living off campus could be an extra experience. Also, living off campus gives you more control over things like paying rent and budgeting for bills which are also invaluable life skills.

More Privacy

If you don’t fancy sharing a kitchen with dozens of others in student halls, you can choose a private rental that’s just for you, or shared with one or two others. At Student Rooms 4 U ( we again pride ourselves on providing all the kitchen white goods you would expect in a home.

Access to Amenities

Being close to your lecture halls is very convenient, at Student Rooms 4 U (, our homes are less than 2.5 minutes’ walk away, what about being close to everything else? Choosing a private rental gives you even more options about where you’d like to live and what sort of amenities are available close by, such as, social destinations, hair salons, eateries in their abundance, wine bars, hair salons and much more!

More Freedom

Curfew? What’s a curfew? Living off campus is totally different from halls, because it’s just you living your life in your home, therefore, yes, you do have to respect your neighbours and housemates, but there’s no objection from anyone what time you have to be home.

More Choice

By deciding to live off campus you naturally widen your search and have much more choice when it comes to where you live. Check out and see what we have to offer.

Have a Rental History

Once you’ve graduated and are moving on to non-student accommodation, your new estate agents may want to see a reference about what kind of tenant you are, so, by living in one of our private rental homes, you’ll have someone to vouch for you (if you’ve lived in the property according to the set guidelines), about what an excellent tenant you are. Also, living off campus will contribute to your credit history.

Branching Out

Living off campus allows you to integrate into the wider society and meet a variety of interesting and diverse people. This is why Student Rooms 4 U ( go that ‘extra’ mile to help our students socialise, we do this by collaborating with local attractions such as Pryzm Nightclub, Q Bar, Switch, Scoff, Air, Mrs Brown’s and many more establishments, through campaigns, competitions and rewards through generous companies offering incentives, such as, free entry and money off! Who said you don’t get anything for free?


There are merits to both living on or off campus, at the end of the day it comes down to what works best for you. If you aren’t sure, speak to current students about their accommodation choice and see what they recommend.