Reasons to Choose a Uni by the Sea

The University of Plymouth (Britain’s Ocean City) is a great choice for prospective students wanting to embrace their inner mermaid. Just a short walk from the campus we have The Barbican, The Hoe and the other side of Plymouth the Mount Batten Water Centre, as well as other lovely locations. Read on to discover the benefits of living near the sea, and why choosing a seaside study location could be a great option for you.

Recreational Activities

Living by the big open blue offers many recreational activities that you just can’t get from city living or inland destinations. From lazing on the beach to swimming in crystal clear waters and partaking in water sports, there are endless options to spend your time productively and enjoyably near the sea. Even in poor weather of if you don’t fancy taking the plunge, being near the water offers an inspiring view for exam revision if you choose a waterside café.

Sport and Health

Want to take up a new sport at university and improve your general fitness? Living near the sea offers so many options for getting into shape. Whether you like walking or jogging along The Hoe or Barbican or fancy learning something a bit more skilled like bodyboarding, windsurfing or diving, you’ll have endless opportunities when you live near the sea.

Meet People

Not only is learning a water sport a great way to get into shape and learn new skills, its also a way to socialise and make friends. The University of Plymouth has countless social clubs you can join, and there are plenty of options that will take you near the sea. SUP (stand up paddle boarding), rowing, canoe, surfing, swimming, water polo, yacht, underwater hockey, sailing, power boats, wind riders, and scuba are just some of the clubs you can join as a student.

Tourism Jobs

Where there’s sunshine and sea, there’s sure to be tourists. As Plymouth is a popular destination for visitors in the summer and other holidays, it’s a great opportunity for students looking for part-time work. From waiting tables to offering tours of the city, there are bound to be seasonal jobs available for students looking for part-time work.

Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep when you live near the sea isn’t an old wives’ tale – there’s real science behind it. It’s said that sea air is charged with healthy negative ions; these accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen. These ions also balance our levels of serotonin, which is a body chemical linked with mood and stress. So if you spend time outdoors inhaling the healthy sea air, this can contribute to a better night’s sleep.

Vitamin D

Britain mightn’t be the sunniest place in Europe, but it’s true that living near the seaside makes it easier to enjoy good weather when the sun does shine! Hitting the beach isn’t just a great way to relax – sunbathing boosts our Vitamin D levels (just make sure you’re wearing plenty of sun cream) and bathing in seawater in good for your skin, too.

Mental Health

Everyone knows that spending time outdoors is good for your mental health, and the more nature that surrounds you, the better. While the Japanese swear by shinrin-yoku (the art of ‘tree bathing’) there’s evidence to suggest that time by the sea (surrounded by blue) is even more beneficial to your mental health than surrounding yourself with green. Whether you like escaping from it all with a bracing swim or you like to clear your head with a twilight walk on the beach, living by the sea is a great way to look after yourself, both body and mind.

Amazing Seafood

Fish fanatic? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the best seafood in the country can be bought along the coast. Check out Trip Advisor for a list of the best seafood restaurants in Plymouth. It’s not hard to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a hearty fish and chips to takeaway and eat on the beach, or somewhere impressive to take the family when they come and visit. Also, don’t forget Flavour Fest – Plymouth’s popular foodie festival.

Visits Become Vacations

When you fly the nest and go to uni, it won’t be long before your parents are clamouring to come and visit. Their enthusiasm will be all the more noticeable when you live in a pretty seaside location with lots of things for them to enjoy – whether that’s a pro or a con, we’ll let you decide!