The SR4U Relationship – How we are Different

You might think that, by and large, letting agents are all the same and it’s just about the properties they offer. However, if you’ve dealt with any other letting agents, you’ll soon know that the experience offered at Student Rooms 4 U is quite different!

We Know Where You Live

At SR4U, we make a point of knowing all of our tenants by name. The service you receive from us is personal, and we don’t want to be seen as a faceless organisation – we’re there to help you whenever you need it and want to be thought of as friendly and approachable. Speak to any of our current tenants and we’re sure that they’ll agree that this is how we operate. SR4U believes in fostering relationships and offering a personal service to show that we truly care about each individual who uses our services.

We Deal with You Directly

Many letting agents just act as the go-between, ferrying communications between the tenant and the landlord. At SR4U there’s no middle man – it’s just us. What this means is that things are cheaper for you (no extra party taking another cut) and much simpler. If there’s a problem, you get in touch with us directly and we get back to you ASAP. Many of our tenant’s say that our quick response to maintenance calls is something that really brings them peace of mind.

We Guarantee Excellent Properties

You know what it’s like when you see a room listed on Gumtree or similar and then you go along and what is being offered doesn’t look anything like the picture? That doesn’t happen with us – we’re transparent and do our best to offer exactly what you’re looking for. All of our properties are within a 7-minute walk of campus, so don’t worry that you’ve found a great property but the catch is that it’s miles away from where you want to be. Our extensive photographs and new Virtual Tour technology online mean that you can get a really good impression of the properties before you’ve even visited.

We’re all About You

We know that being a student can sometimes be tough, financially as well as in other ways. To help out our tenants, we team up with local businesses to offer you a little something extra. SR4U runs competitions, giving our tenants the chance to win VIP tickets, meals out and other discounts to be used around Plymouth. Vouchers and exclusive discount codes enable our tenants to treat themselves to something they wouldn’t normally choose. We also partner with FCM (First Class Magazine) to give away FCM Premier Cards ( to our tenants.

We Reward Good Customers

Just like you, we love to get things done early so that the stress and hassle is taken out of the house hunting business. As such, we offer a reduced booking fee to students who choose their room before the Christmas holiday. From January, we ask our tenants to pay £250 to book the room they’d like – a fee that’s offset against your first month of rent. However, £250 is a lot of money to be forking out right after the expensive holiday period, so we reward organised students by dropping the fee to just £100 if you make the booking before Christmas. We want to encourage students to be prepared and have longer to get excited about their new home!

We Know What Students Want

There are a number of things that students consider vital that other landlords might not include, but we make an effort to offer the most attractive deal to our tenants by providing what they need. Internet is included in the rental amount for all our properties, because we know how important it is for students to be connected. Every bedroom is equipped with a double bed, wardrobe, desk and chair. As well as all the usual furniture in the communal rooms, we also provide each property with other necessities that you’re going to need, such as bins, a vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, broom etc.

We Don’t Need a Guarantor

Most student rentals require tenants to provide a guarantor to help them out if they can’t pay the rent, and will also run credit checks on new tenants. This means that some students are disqualified from applying if they can’t provide what’s necessary. At SR4U, we don’t do credit checks and we don’t ask for a guarantor, either, which makes it so much simpler for you.

We Organise Viewing to Suit You

If there are a couple of properties you want to view at the same time, that’s no problem – all of our properties are within walking distance of each other, and we’re happy to show you up to four properties in a single viewing – depending on their size. Around Christmas (just before and just after) we get pretty busy and so it might take a few days for us to fit you in and you might have to wait until the following week, but if you get organised and book outside of the busy period, we can usually arrange your viewing for within just one or two days’ time. If you can’t visit a property in person, we’re happy to talk with you over the phone while you look at the Virtual Tour on our website.