Not Just for Freshers

While a large number of students looking for housing each year are the ‘freshers’ set to start their courses in September, it’s not just the newbies that we provide for. Many 2nd and 3rd year students decide to move out of halls and into their own places, and students considering staying on for a Masters or PHD rent with us too. This can be a stressful time for seasoned students who are awaiting news of their future studies, but with Student Rooms 4 U, there’s no need to worry.

Left Behind?

For many students, once three years have been and gone their time at uni will be coming to an end as they move on (and up!) in the world. But for those students who decide to stay on and gain further qualifications, it can be a stressful time. If you live in halls, it won’t be long until many (probably, most) of your friends and classmates are moving on, and possibly moving away from Plymouth. If you live in a shared house, the end of third year can mean having to look for somewhere new because all your roommates are leaving town.

While this can be a worrying time, Student Rooms 4 U is there to help make this transition smooth and stress-free. There are options available so that, whether you’re looking for somewhere new to rent, or need to find new people to share with, we’ll be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

Awaiting Confirmation for a Placement/Masters/PHD or similar?

Perhaps you’ve applied for your next step up the educational ladder, but haven’t heard back yet and are unsure what to do next. After all, if you tie yourself into a rental property and then discover you haven’t got onto your course, your plans could all fall through. But if you look at the other side of the argument, leaving it until the last minute so that you’re sure you’ve been accepted can mean that there are slim pickings by the time you want to find a rental property.

At Student Rooms 4 U, we often have late availability rooms on the market which are just minutes away from campus, and you certainly won’t be found scraping the bottom of the barrel. All our properties are top quality and will provide you somewhere comfortable to live as you continue your studies.

Nervous about Roommates?

If you’ve spent two or three years living with the same group of friends, it can be tricky to uproot yourself and settle down into a new shared accommodation with a new bunch of people. Many students in this position are particularly worried about having to share with freshers, as they are often the demographic that are looking for property – they may only be a few years younger than you, but many students who stay on for PHD’s and other qualifications are likely to be living quite different existences to lively first years. Enrolling on a high-level course such as a Masters Degree requires time to study in peace, and you mightn’t want to be in a big ‘party house’, surrounded by people who, at this stage in their lives, are more interested in the fun aspects of uni!

If this is the case, don’t worry – we completely understand your concerns and will do our best to house you with like-minded people. Depending on the time you apply and the course you’ve applied for, it may even be possible to find you a rented house with other PHD/Masters students. Not only can we sympathetically match you with other students to meet your unique needs, but our rental prices are really competitive, too.

Also, remember that we are often able to offer one-bed flats as well as shared accommodation. If you feel like you’ve had enough of the ‘student’ experience and want to move on to a more ‘grown-up’ way of living, take a look at our sole occupancy options.


Once you’ve applied for your higher education course, it’s both an exciting and nerve-racking time. While you mightn’t be 100% convinced that your application will be accepted, one thing you don’t need to worry about is being stuck for choices when it comes to accommodation. From sympathetically matched shares to truly having your own place, we’ll be able to find something to suit your needs at this exhilarating time of your life. Best of luck!