Student Accommodation Plymouth – 7 Things to Hate About Your Student Accommodation… but not With Student Rooms 4 U!

There are ups and downs anywhere you live, but students usually have the same old things to gripe about.  Our dedicated Student Accommodation Plymouth side of the business is Student Rooms 4 U and we are dedicated to fixing these problems before they arise, and so students who rent with us have very little to complain about! Take a look at this list of common problems in student rentals, and what we’ve done to make sure you don’t have to put up with them! Take a look at our properties yourself – Student Accommodation Search.

Old Furniture

Unless your parents are the hip, young sort who like to update their interior décor once every five years, you’ve probably been dreaming of moving out of your family home (which is stuffy and outdated) and into a stylish new pad, right? While most students dream of a swish apartment with all the modern conveniences and not a scrap of hideous wallpaper in sight, many have to put up with old furniture that’s seen better days, and apartments that have seen more wear and tear than an Argos catalogue.

At Student Rooms 4 U our Student Accommodation Plymouth apartments are stylishly decorated in modern styles, and they’re not all identikit, either. Different houses will have different styles and vibes, so you can really pick one to match your preferences. We’ve chosen clean, plain tones throughout with highlights in suitable colours to add a bit of flavour and character. You’ll find all our accommodation to be bright, spacious and well laid out.

Bad Wi-Fi

A recent survey revealed that most students think having good Wi-Fi is more important than having hot water, so imagine what a pain it would be to move into somewhere with slow internet speed? For many students, this is a reality that plays havoc both with their studies and their social time.

We understand how vital it is for students to have access to excellent Wi-Fi. All of our properties for 2019/20 have internet included in the rental amount.  In our largest property (our 15 bedroom Armada House) we’ve also hardwired the internet connections to each study bedroom so that you don’t experience any issues with connecting. That’s the Student Accommodation Plymouth difference!

Single Beds

It can be really hard to find a student rental with a double bed included. Whether you’re one person who likes having extra room or you’re a couple who’re looking to share, options can be limited from student rental providers.

At Student Rooms 4 U, we understand that not everyone has the same needs. Whilst all of our properties do offer double beds, we also have a few options for couples sharing.  Our double rooms come with two desks too so you each have your own study space! These rooms could also be used by a single person who’s looking for more space.

Lack of Storage Space

A number of students find that space comes at a premium when they view student rentals. This can be especially true when viewing multi-bed properties. If you live with several other people, it’s important to have your own space, particularly in the communal areas. If kitchen space is cramped, it can lead to ‘is this my tin of beans or yours?’ type arguments and make sharing those spaces difficult.

Firstly, renting with Student Rooms 4 U gives you the option of sharing with just a handful of people or with plenty, so if you know that you’re not good at sharing your personal space, you can opt for an apartment with fewer tenants! We’ve laid out our homes carefully so that communal spaces are roomy and there’s enough storage space for everyone. We’ve gone with light colours and kept clutter to a minimum so that your rental always feels airy.

Awkward Location – not with Student Accommodation Plymouth!

Ever had one of those moments where you’re searching online for a rental property and come across something that looks amazing – spacious rooms, stylish décor, good price – only to discover that its miles away from anywhere? So frustrating!

With Student Rooms 4 U, our properties are guaranteed to tick the location box on your checklist. Every single one of our properties is within a seven minutes walking distance of Plymouth Uni – you can’t get more convenient than that! As well as being close to class, you’ll find our properties are also near a host of other conveniences and you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to socialising with your friends.

Terrible Housemates

It’s every fresher’s nightmare – getting stuck in accommodation with people you don’t like. When its your first time living away from home and you’ve been looking forward to getting out from under Mum and Dad’s feet, wouldn’t it be a pain to end up with an annoying housemate?

With multiple options for how many people you share with, if you’d rather just share with one or two others then the choice is up to you. Connect with other incoming students and search out a place together – we have a message board (The Assembly Room) where you can look for potential housemates and post a message to meet your perfect roomies.

Invisible Landlord

Heard horror stories about student rentals where the landlord takes ages to get back to you, or is happy to leave you waiting for things to be fixed?

At Student Rooms 4 U we’ve cut out the middle man – come direct to us with any issues and we’ll fix them ASAP! And checkout our Student Accommodation FAQ page.