Student Accommodation in Plymouth – 5 Quirky Questions You Need To Ask When Viewing

At Student Rooms 4 U when we are showing prospective students around a rental property, we want them to feel free to ask as many questions as they like. Don’t be shy! This could be your home for the next year – or more – so if there are things you want to know, now is the time to ask. Your parents will probably advise you on the sorts of things to ask or look out for in a viewing, and you’re bound to have your own preferences that might prompt a few questions too. Some typical questions that spring to mind might be: are the neighbours noisy, is it a nice area to live in, is there nearby parking or what are the rubbish bin days.

Aside from the usual queries, we also welcome quirky questions from potential students – anything you want to know, we’ll do our best to answer. And remember that your questions can be honestly answered by students who are currently living in the flat and not just the estate agent or landlord, so you know we won’t give a biased reply. Here are a few unusual questions you might what to ask when viewing a house.

1. Can I see the shower?

Trying things out on a house viewing is something that people sometimes get nervous about, but shouldn’t. All homes come with appliances that you’ll want to be in tip-top condition. If you move in somewhere and discover that something doesn’t work to your satisfaction, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having checked it first.

Don’t you just hate a poorly operating shower? Whether it takes ages to warm up or comes out in a feeble dribble, having rubbish bathing facilities can become the bane of your life. If you want proof that our shower will match your expectations, ask the estate agent to demonstrate the water pressure and let you feel how hot it gets. Also, ask the current students about the shower. Is it reliable? Is there enough hot water for all tenants to use it regularly? Does it take a while to heat up? Anything that you’re going to be using in your day-to-day life is something you should be totally happy with when you move in.

2. Is anything broken? Has anything broken while you’ve been living here?

This is a great one to ask current tenants when you’re being shown around. At Student Rooms 4 U, we pride ourselves on our quick response time when things go wrong, and our maintenance team that will get things working as soon as possible. Sometimes things break when they reach the end of their working life or if there’s a fault – that’s life. But the important thing is how we deal with it. Some renters with private landlords find that they’re slow in getting back to them or reluctant to replace things, or even try to blame tenants when things expire due to natural wear and tear. Asking current tenants what their experience has been regarding the reliability of appliances will put your mind at peace.

3. What are the neighbours like?

The answer to this question will depend very much on the area you’re looking in and the experience of the tenants who live there currently. Many of our properties have non-student residents as their next-door neighbours. Most people don’t mind having a bunch of students living next door, especially when the students are considerate and courteous, as we hope all our tenants are!

However, from time to time there might be a neighbour who gets particularly narky about louder-than-preferable music, large gatherings of fashionable young people, or the constant banging of doors as a multitude of students go to and from class. Of course, we take it seriously if a neighbour has a legitimate reason to complain, but there are those who like to moan about every little thing and there’s not much to be done about it. If you’re keen to know if you’ll get on with the neighbours, ask the tenants what they’re like.

4. Are the beds comfortable?

All our student rentals are furnished, and we try to keep everything to a high standard. Like with the shower, your bed is something you’ll be using every single day and so you want to make sure you find it comfortable to sleep in. The beds won’t all be exactly alike because of varying wear and tear, but you can get a good idea by asking current tenants how they find them. If you want to try sitting on a bed, just ask – they probably won’t mind too much! If you do find a problem with your bed or mattress once you move in, speak to us so we can check it out.

5. Are there any quirky features I should know about?

Like our tenants, all our properties are individuals and have character. Each property will have little quirks that you’ll get to know when you live there, and though these aren’t necessarily negative things, it might be good to know about them before you move in. For example, the bathroom door might need a little jiggle to open if the lock gets stiff, a radiator might make a funny ticking noise when it’s first heating up, or there might be a neighbourhood cat who likes to sit on your windowsill. Ask current tenants what you need to know and discover what it is that makes your property unique.