Student Properties Plymouth – 7 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Rent with Us

People are more concerned about the environment than ever, with younger generations being key movers in influencing what happens to our world. Following in the footsteps of Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, many aspiring university students will have been on school strikes for climate change or made their voices heard in other ways. With young people having such a keen awareness of eco-friendly lifestyles, at SR4U we make an active effort to keep our homes as positive and sustainable for the environment as possible. Read on to discover the seven ways in which we’ve made our student properties Plymouth the perfect place for you to live while at uni. check out all our properties here,

No Need to Drive

All SR4U properties are located within 250m of the university of Plymouth and the Plymouth College of Art. As such, there is no need to own a car to get to class. Not only is this better for the environment, but it also saves you the hassle of taxing a vehicle and paying for petrol. In other cities, university buses to get students to campus can be crowded and take up your valuable time. We know that living close to class is a top priority for our students, and so all student properties Plymouth are just a 7-minute walk away (or less) from where you want to be. If you do want another option when it comes to travel, SR4U actively encourage students to bring and use their bicycles while renting from us, and we provide safe bike storage areas for student use.

Efficient Appliances

If electrical appliances are inefficient, it’s not just a waste of money but also bad for the environment. In our properties, we strive to ensure that all our appliances (such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers etc) are A*** rated for efficiency. Our boilers are condensate boilers (which means they are highly efficient as they condense water vapour in the exhaust gases) and they are serviced regularly to ensure efficiency. And of course, all our properties have double glazing.

Eco-Friendly Lightbulbs

We use LED lightbulbs wherever possible to make the lighting in your home more efficient and cheaper to run. LED lights don’t draw energy in the same way as incandescent lights, and so they cost around 80% less to operate. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that using LED lightbulbs can have a positive outcome for the environment when compared with other types of lighting, and so we use LED wherever we can.

Furniture Reuse and Recycle in most of our Student Properties Plymouth

In our rental properties, we want to make sure our furniture is of the best quality but without mindlessly throwing away items that still have use left in them. We encourage a ‘pass it on’ scheme whereby any student furniture which is worth keeping, we assess the quality of the furniture and then pass it onto the next student moving into that room. Items that are at the end of their life are properly recycled, and until then, students can make use of what has been left behind by previous tenants.

Water Saving in the Bathroom

We all know that we shouldn’t leave the taps running when we’re brushing our teeth, but there are bigger changes we have made in our bathrooms that are helping the environment, too. All WC’s are fitted with long and short flush options, meaning that you only have to use as much water as you need with each flush. At the moment we have a rolling programme to replace old taps in our student houses with Eco taps. Using eco-friendly taps can cut household water consumption by up to 60%, resulting not just in smaller water bills but also less wasted water. You may find this useful,

EPC Rating in all our Student Properties Plymouth

All our properties are EPC (Energy Performance Cert) rated and are insulated to a high level, meaning that when the heating is turned on, it’s heating the house efficiently. The heating schedule is bespoke and adapted to each property, with heating times arranged to suit the habits of the individual household. This ensures that the tenants get the most heat at the times they need it, without wasting heat when there is no one in the property. There’s no sense in heating a property when everyone is out, or in having a chilly household when everyone is home. Working out a bespoke schedule is the best way to help the environment and create a comfortable place for you to live.

Save the Trees

At Student Rooms 4 U, all our communications with tenants are digital as opposed to paper based. We look to cut down on printing wherever possible and are now looking to introduce digital contracts as opposed to printed documents. Keeping things digital saves trees from being cut down and doesn’t make it any more difficult for you to access the documents you need.


If you’ve got a keen interest in helping the environment, making sure that you’re living in an efficient and eco-friendly house is a great step to reducing your carbon footprint. Don’t forget that there are also ways you can contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, by thing such as switching off lights when you leave a room, only charging devices for as long as they need, and reducing food waste by shopping and cooking together with your housemates. If you have any ideas about further ways that we can reduce environmental damage together, we’d be happy to hear your thoughts. Check out our Virtual Tours to see all our students properties in Plymouth