“Friendliness- everyone seems ready to help, everyone knows our names, it feels like a personal relationship.  Everything has been dealt with quickly and there has been no stress regarding the house.’ Abby, Jack, Katy and Dan, 2 Amity Place.

“Every time I meet the staff they greet me personally and remember personal details about what is going on in my life- it’s nice to have that relationship with my landlord.  When things go wrong i’m not worried about contacting them.” Cheyenne, Apartment 2, 16 Houndiscombe Rd.

“I’ve nothing but good things to say about the service given, but more specifically, I’ve plenty of very good things to say about the staff. All of them are friendly, and helpful.” Nithin, 18 Queen Anne Terrace.

“Properties are in a great location, the staff are very understanding and supportive of student needs” Matt, Emma and Angus, Queen Anne House  

“Communication was very good, The Welcome Pack detailed all information we needed e.g. who to contact in case of an emergency, how to sort day to day issues in the house… things you wouldn’t know to ask coming from Halls but are now things that i would look for when searching for a new property…’  ‘Always notified of things like when rent due etc…”  Raashmi and Ellie, 8 Addison Rd