Feedback Survey

We have created this questionnaire in order to improve the management of our student accommodation and the enjoyment of your stay with us.

    1) How many students are sharing your house?

    2) Please grade the current level of service you receive:

    ExcellentGoodAcceptableCould be betterUnacceptable

    3) Please comment on how you feel we could improve on the grade given:

    4) Please grade the current communal facilities available in the property:

    ExcellentGoodAcceptableCould be betterUnacceptable

    5) How could we improve these facilities?

    6) Have you experienced any faults or problems in your accommodation?


    7) Was the problem resolved within a reasonable time period?


    8) Were the workmen/ engineers who visited your property courteous to you?


    9) Will you use the fault reporting service on our website?


    10) Will you use the 24 hour phone line ?


    11) Do you consider communication via telephone and email acceptable?


    12) Where did you look to find your accommodation?

    Local pressStudent magazinesSigns/bannersInternetPlymouth University accommodation officeMarjons accommodation officeArt College accommodation listCity College accommodation officeFlyerStand in Student UnionWord of mouthPosterCurrent Tenant

    13) Would you stay in one of our properties next year?


    14) If not, why not?

    15) What do you most dislike about staying in our property?

    16) Would you use a card payment system for your rent and deposit payments?


    17) If yes, what type of card would you use?

    Credit CardDebit Card

    18) Do you prefer your rent to be all inclusive of gas and electric charges?


    19) What is a reasonable amount to include in your rent if these bills are included?

    £3 a week£5 a week£7 a week

    20) Would you like a broadband connection to be available in each study room?


    21) Are there any other comments or suggestions you would like to make?

    The information submitted via this form will only be used to process your feedback. We do not ask for any personally identifiable information via this form, however you may choose to submit personal information in your comments. For more information on how we process your personal data, and your legal rights regarding that data, please read our privacy policy

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