Yes, it’s almost ‘that’ time of the year again, when you’ve finished studying and you’re excited about having some time off to be with your friends and family and enjoy the summer break.

However, there is just one more job to finish before you leave your homes, yes, you got it, time to clean and clear up after yourselves.

At Student Rooms 4 U, we take great pride in ensuring that your property is spick and span, you only need to check our virtual tours to see how lovely they look on your arrival.

Therefore, we would like to remind you with this fun animation to clear and clean up before you leave. We would like all areas of the house tidy and that you don’t leave any items for our cleaners to throw away, they will have a very busy month cleaning all of our properties. So, you can help us, by taking out your rubbish, ensuring that the kitchen cupboards and work surfaces are clean and cleared of your belongings, bathrooms are clean and tidy and you take away all of your toiletries. If you don’t want to take your items with you, then ‘bin them!’

We have found that the marvellous  Mrs Hinch is great on suggestions on how to clean up, she has some very useful tips and tricks up her sleeve to help you too!

At Student Rooms 4 U, we realise that cleaning isn’t the nicest of chores, however, these are great life skills for you to continue with in the future!

Happy, Happy, Happy cleaning, and thank you so much for living with us! We’ve enjoyed having you!

Have a fabulous summer break!

From the TEAM at Student Rooms 4 U!



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