Here are five of our favourite tips to help you confront the mess head on!

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Tip 1: Draw up a Cleaning Rota
This is the easiest way of ensuring cleaning duties are rotated fairly throughout all housemates!

The typical jobs will be:

  • The Bathroom
  • The Toilet
  • The Fridge
  • The Oven
  • The Vacuuming
  • Mopping the Kitchen Floor
  • The Rubbish

Tip 2: Little and Often
All of these jobs, if done by one person, once a week shouldn’t take any longer than 15 minutes.  The longer you leave the cleaning the harder it becomes; crusted on food, limescale, mould etc. will be harder to get off surfaces if they have been left for days.

Tip 3: Make it part of your normal routine
Every time you use the bathroom, pick your dirty towels up off the floor. Doing some laundry? Make sure the tea towels and dish cloths are in the laundry as well. They are a source of bacteria if not regularly washed.

The kitchen is one of those areas that will need to be kept cleaned on a more regular basis than the items on the list above. Student houses and apartments usually become very messy because everyone leaves the cleaning until the last minute or is reluctant to wash up until all the plates, mugs and cutlery are piled up in the sink. The best way to deal with this is to clean up as you go along. Always make sure you clean your room of any cups and plates on a regular basis as well.

Fridges and microwaves are the usual culprits for food poisoning so make sure they are clean. If your fridge is smelling, first remove the out of date or mouldy contents.

Tip 4: How to stop the fridge smelling
If there is a lingering smell, open a box of bicarbonate of soda and leave it to stand in the fridge. It will quickly absorb the unpleasant odour and the fridge will soon be back to good working order.

Tip 5: Removing Encrusted food from Microwaves
It’s important to clean the hard food deposits from the inside of the microwave to stop the bacteria spreading, here’s how:
Fill a microwaveable bowl with two cups of water, two table spoons of white vinegar or half a lemon and heat for 5 minutes. Leave the steam to do its work, remove and then wipe down.

In Summary, here are our handy hints to ensure a pristine property!

  1. Create a cleaning rota to share out the chores equally amongst all your flatmates.
  2. Rotate responsibilities on a weekly basis rather than a particular day.
  3. Remember to find out the days the bins are collected and mark this on the rota.
  4. Clean up spills or marks as soon as they happen.
  5. Use toilet blocks (that release cleaning agents into the bowl every time the toilet is flushed). Wilkinson, opposite Plymouth University have packs of tablets that are cheap and last for weeks.
  6. Use plug in aerosols that release fragrances automatically.
  7. Keep cleaning products and equipment in easy-to-access places. Don’t hide them away.
  8. Agree that everyone is individually responsible for the upkeep of their own room.
  9. Help keep bathroom mould and mildew to a minimum by opening a window while you shower and leaving the door open afterwards to allow airflow.

Enjoy your stay with us and feel confident following these tips will make your day to day living so much more enjoyable.  What’s more you’ll be able to return the property to us at the end of the year, sparkling! ?

(Hot news: Win a fabulous VIP booth for 10 x people at Pryzm Nightclub. Check out our Facebook page at