Two cafés join ‘Too Good To Go’ food waste reduction app

Drake’s Kitchen and Loafers Deli on the University of Plymouth campus will be selling any surplus food and/or drinks on the food reduction app, ‘Too Good To Go’.

Too Good To Go focuses on selling food that would otherwise have been thrown out at the end of the day, to try and reduce food waste as much as possible.

The concept is that customers buy a ‘magic bag’ containing anything that that particular unit usually sells; it can be anything from sandwiches, crisps and a drink to burgers and food cans. The app works based on location so it will pick up the cafés on campus, as well as other nearby establishments taking part.

Each bag’s contents add up to 3 times the price that the customer would usually pay, so if the contents of the bag are usually sold for £9, the price of the ‘magic bag’ on the app would be £3.

The customer won’t know what’s in their magic bag until they collect it, it is a surprise to the customer as it will be dependent if there is surplus food on that day.

Find out more about the app here