Virtual Tours of Student Accommodation Plymouth from Student Rooms 4 U

If you’re a fresher planning on heading to Plymouth to start your student journey, you probably can’t wait to get stuck into house hunting. Looking around and finding the perfect place to live is an exciting time, and you’re probably itching to get going and bag your dream home. In the past, students who lived far away from their university town would have to come and rush around seeing several properties over a weekend, but these days things are much simpler.

As well as having plenty of photographs on the website for you to check out our listing, you can now also take a look around the properties on a virtual tour! See how this new technology is allowing students in Plymouth to get a closer look at their student homes before they make the big move. Check out our Virtual Tours of Student Accommodation Plymouth page here:

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Get in there early

If you’re worried about awesome properties being snapped up before you’ve had a chance to view them, using a virtual tour might help you make your mind up without seeing the property in person. We always recommend that tenants view a property in person if they can, but if your geographical location is too far away for this to be practical, the virtual tour makes a good alternative.

See what the space looks like in relation to other rooms in a more in-depth way than photographs an offer and get a feel for what the whole property is like.

The whole experience

If you want a bit more information than is offered just by looking at the tour, why not call us up at Student Rooms 4 U to talk you through the tour while you view it remotely? We understand that choosing a home isn’t just about looking at the pictures – there are bound to be questions you want to ask and we’re more than happy to have a chat with you while you’re viewing the property online.

A sneaky peak

Just because you’ve already booked to come and see some properties in person doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great first look on a virtual tour. Using this remote facilities will perhaps allow you to rule out any properties you don’t want to visit, cutting down on the time you waste when you come to visit and giving you more time to explore the properties that you’re truly interested in, as well as more time to check out Plymouth itself. Virtual Tours of Student Accommodation Plymouth.

Include the family

Going to uni isn’t just an exciting time for you, but for the whole family. Your proud parents will be anxious to make sure you’re living somewhere nice, and so sitting down together and viewing the virtual tour will put their minds at rest. Not only that, but you can show the tour to your granny and other family members who will be thrilled to see your future home or compare properties with where your school friends will be studying at other uni’s. Make sure you really enjoy and savour the house hunting process, even if you can’t be there in person.

Group chat for group houses

Are you going to be sharing a student house with new friends? House hunting together is always more productive than doing it separately – that way you can work out more fairly who will take which room and voice any concerns that you have. Set up a group chat online and view the property together so you can have a good chat and make a decision as a group.

How to use the Virtual Tour service

    • Go to the Student Rooms 4 U Virtual Tour page.
    • Choose from the dropdown list the number of bedrooms you’re looking for. We can currently offer the virtual tour for 18 of our properties, ranging from cosy two-bed houses up to the fifteen-bed.
    • Scroll down and select which house you’d like to look at. Some sizes only have one or two options, but others have plenty of choice so make sure you scroll through the list to see them all.
    • Once you’ve found the house you want to look at, click on the ‘play’ icon and wait for it to load.
    • The tour will start with a ‘dollhouse’ view where you can see and overview of the whole property before it zooms in. You can switch between the dollhouse view and the explore view by clicking the icon on the bottom left. Next to that is the floorplan view and the floor selector.
    • In the explore view, move around the house using the blue circle just like you would on Google maps. You can spin around, move the view up or down to check out the whole space, and enter each of the rooms in the house.
    • If you have VR software (with Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headset options) then you can actually use proper virtual reality to look around your new home.


Finding your student home is a fun and unique experience, and it doesn’t have to be stressful if you can’t get to Plymouth as soon as you’d like. Use the virtual reality tour experience to get a first look at where you could be living and let the dreams begin.

Check out our Virtual Tours of Student Accommodation Plymouth page here:

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