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Meet Charlie Atkinson – VP Education Elect 2021/2022

Our wonderful Charlie Atkinson is the VP Education Elect for 2021/2022. Charlie was voted in with a total of 1255 votes in the Student Elections 2021.

Charlie’s three key points are:
1. Work closely with the University to improve communication about the successes and failures of blended learning, by working with student groups already in place, empowering individual students to express their issues with the current system to the University.
2. Assist students to take advantage of placements, volunteer roles, and jobs that the University currently offers to aid development and employability, by raising awareness of the opportunities through the SU website, as well as other SU publications.
3.  Raise the voices of Postgraduate students. This will be done by working with the relevant officers, as well as course reps, to ensure that students on Postgraduate courses feel as involved in the SU as any other member.
Read Charlie’s full manifesto;

I have worked as a writing mentor within the Writing Café, as well as currently being a Course Rep, and the School Rep for Humanities and Performing Arts. 

COVID-19 has been a major issue throughout this academic year. Ideally, the upcoming academic year will be less reliant on Zoom and blended learning. If this is the case, I will endeavour to ensure that students feel safe to return to campus, and I will also fight and lobby the university to ensure that those students who do not feel comfortable or ready to return to face-to-face teaching have alternate methods for teaching, as I understand the potential impact on student’s mental health. If COVID-19 remains an issue next year, I will be aiming to ensure that the issues that have arisen from Zoom lectures and that staff understand how to improve teaching, by working with student groups such as Course Reps to communicate feedback on the issues students face with Zoom straight to the university.

The university is positioned to work with local businesses to help students to develop and progress. To try and achieve this, I want to advocate and express the opportunities that are available to students to work and gain experience within the city, be that through placements, part-time work, or volunteering, with the aim of helping students to leave university with as wide a range of experiences as possible. To do this, I aim to introduce clear advertisements for these roles through the SU website and publications.

As a postgraduate, I understand that postgrad students can feel isolated and unrepresented within the student union. I will raise awareness of the role that Course Reps play within the SU, as well assisting the Postgraduate Officer to cultivate an attitude of inclusivity between Postgraduate Students and the SU.

You can follow Charlie’s Instagram for updates!

Well done Charlie, on behalf of all the Team at Student Rooms 4 U.

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