Benefits of Student House Shares In Plymouth – Living with your friends can be an enjoyable experience, and it is undoubtedly true. Even if you have never lived with them before, shared experiences can strengthen your bond. For several individuals, attending university is the only chance to live with their closest friends.

At Student Rooms 4 U, we have some great 6 and 7 bed houses which are perfect for a group of friends.

Good Company

Living with your friends can be a lot of fun, and it’s a fact that cannot be denied. Although you may not have lived with them previously, shared experiences can bring you closer together. For many individuals, attending university is the only opportunity they have to live with their best friends.

Lighten the load by sharing the chores

Moving out on your own sounds amazing, so much independence and yet, so much responsibility. Suddenly all the daily duties like cleaning, cooking and even doing the food shop can take up a LOT of your time. Living with a few friends means you can share out these chores, and help each other out to make the best of it and get the task done in a fraction of the time!

Study Buddies

Having a roommate who is studying the same course as you can be an excellent motivation to wake up early and attend that 9 a.m. lecture. Additionally, you can split the cost of expensive course textbooks and work together to meet deadlines, while encouraging and supporting each other along the way.

Mental Health & Homesickness

Although living independently can be enjoyable, it can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness and negatively impact our mental well-being. Being surrounded by supportive friends is an effective way to combat homesickness. Living with close friends eliminates the likelihood of feeling lonely, and you can always count on your housemates to boost your mood on challenging days.

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