Best Productivity Apps For Students – Starting at university and managing your own time can be a challenge, but with the right apps, you can make the transition a lot smoother. Here are some apps that can be helpful for students:


TimeBloc is just as it sounds, an app for Time Blocking!
Time blocking is a powerful time management technique which allows you to become more aware of how you spend your time, reflect on your priorities and combat procrastination!
With TimeBloc, you can better organise your study time and set aside time to focus on a task.


Need an uninterrupted 20 minutes to plan your essay? Forest will silence and stop any distracting notifications from coming through and plant a tree in the process!

Google Calendar

Log important events & lectures and set reminders for appointments!
Link up your calendar with your email too!

Microsoft To Do

Of all the list-making apps, Microsoft To Do has to be the favourite!
Make an unlimited amount of different lists from your daily to do list to an assignment checklist to your shopping list!
You can also set reminders AND set recurring tasks!

These are just a few examples of the many apps that can be helpful for students. By using the right tools, you can stay organized, focused, and productive throughout the term.