Searching for your new home doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

Before you book any viewings, it’s worth figuring out what exactly you want in your accommodation; what is most important to you?

5 things to look for in student accommodation:

  1. Proximity to the University – will you need a car/ public transportation?
  2. Consider your budget and look for accommodation that is affordable and good value for money
  3. Are all bills included?
  4. Does the landlord require any guarantors?
  5. How well maintained are the properties?
  6. Does the property have a strong & reliable broadband connection?
  7. Does the landlord or management company have good reviews on their website or Google? The best recommendation you can get is from those who are already living there! Keep in mind that even the best companies can have one or two negative reviews; pay attention to how they responded to these & if they tried to find a solution. Here’s some of our reviews:

Olivia: “I would highly recommend Student Rooms 4 U. They always respond quickly to any queries that we have. They are very helpful and always listen to any request that we have.”

Stephanie: “Studentrooms4u has been a really good company to work with when finding a student house after halls.”

Benefits of virtual tours:

  1. View properties at your convenience, no need to schedule a viewing
  2. Interactive virtual tours allow you to feel as if you’re in the property, from the comfort and safety of your own home
  3. You get the chance to view the property at it’s best, without any existing tenants and their belongings being there
  4. Many companies offer virtual tours via video call. By doing this, you get the same experience as you would in person, but in a much more convenient and time-effective way
  5. Virtual tours are particularly beneficial for individuals with disabilities as they can easily view the property without having to navigate physical barriers
  6. Virtual tours cause much less disruption to existing tenants & can be rescheduled more easily than an in-person viewing
  7. See MORE properties in LESS time

Final tip!

Begin your search EARLY, preferably in October or November. Being proactive and planning ahead can not only reduce your stress levels but also provide you with a broader range of options. By starting your search early, you can take your time to explore different properties, compare prices, and secure the best accommodation before the rush of other students looking for housing.

Happy House Hunting!