Why Choose Private Student Accommodation in Plymouth – When it comes to moving into university and choosing a place of residence that is the perfect fit for you, there are many factors to consider which can greatly affect your university experience. Although many people choose to live in the large, high-rise tower blocks, it is often because they do not realize the true benefits of another, more personal and home-like option that is available—private accommodation.

With twenty-four years of experience serving students in the Plymouth area, Student Rooms 4 U has honed the process of finding the perfect student accommodations. We offer a diverse range of private accommodations that are fully prepared to make you feel at home.

At our properties, we don’t believe in creating large, impersonal, and unwelcoming tower blocks. Instead, we transform actual homes into cosy abodes with ample room and well-planned community spaces. Our properties are designed to create a welcoming atmosphere that allows you to look forward to coming home after a long day at university.

Why Choose Private Student Accommodation in Plymouth?

The reason why so many students choose to use Student Rooms 4 U for their private student accommodations in the Plymouth area is easy—the amenities offered by choosing private accommodations are simply unbeatable. Some of the advantages that you can expect to experience when you lodge in one of our comfortable converted homes include:

  • Having a home away from home: Selecting converted homes and thoughtfully curated rooms for private accommodations provides a sense of having a “home away from home”. This is due to the comfortable living spaces that offer a more personal feel compared to stark, impersonal tower blocks where the focus is to accommodate as many students as possible in a limited space.
  • Amenities: In other housing, students are forced to share a small number of community spaces for their cooking, lounging, and relaxing. This can negatively affect the university experience as it becomes much harder to cook healthy meals or have a quiet moment to yourself. However, with private accommodation, the living and kitchen quarters are spacious and well-equipped, even for use by multiple people at a time.
  • Space: No matter how many bedrooms are in your specific unit, you will certainly have room to spread out and make your space feel like home. Our student accommodations all have large rooms with regards to both private and community spaces, meaning you will never have to feel claustrophobic or cramped, as is often the case with large tower housing.
  • Personalised touch: Student Rooms 4 U seeks to make every student feel welcome and right at home throughout the entire experience of your university stay. Our maintenance manager knows all of our student residents by name and is able to respond promptly to issues that arise. Additionally, having a private landlord means that your wishes can be dealt with on an individual basis, allowing for an even more personalised experience.

Hear what our students have to say:

Marc: “I had a fantastic experience with this accommodation company as they provide amazing service. The staff are very understanding and kind.”

What does Student Rooms 4 U offer for private accommodation?

Student Rooms 4 U provides a highly personalized experience in selecting private accommodations in Plymouth, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a quiet space to live alone or a large, community-centered atmosphere, we can help you find the perfect accommodations that align with your precise specifications. Our portfolio comprises of distinctively designed and conveniently located properties, including:

  • Most are located a short walk from the University of Plymouth (within 250m)
  • Customisable housemate experience, offering 1 to 8 bed houses, and even some 15-bedroom options
  • Shared houses have Virgin Media Broadband, with 350mgbs and unlimited free uploads and downloads
  • No deposits, no administration fees, no guarantors necessary
  • Individual tenancies
  • Shared houses and apartments are inclusive of gas, electricity, and water

As you plan your student accommodation for Plymouth, let Student Rooms 4 U help you find the perfect private accommodation situation for you. Our friendly and efficient staff would love to help you tour our properties and work with you to find housing that matches your every need. Don’t settle for cold, impersonal, crowded housing. Let Student Rooms 4 U help you find your home away from home in Plymouth.